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Today, more people are recognizing that planning a funeral in advance of need demonstrates love and consideration toward their family members. It is a thoughtful decision that reduces the stress of indecision and uncertainty when death occurs.

There are many reasons why people plan in advance. Some plan ahead because there will be no one who is capable of making responsible decisions. Many people prearrange because they will have the peace of mind that there will be adequate funds to cover the funeral expenses. Also, prepayment can provide families with benefits when applying for Medicaid. Most importantly, prearrangement guarantees that rational decisions can be made ahead of time without the usual urgencies when death takes place.

Funding the prearrangement is a choice most people make to ease possible financial pressures on their family. Prefunding allows you to pay for the funeral services selected at current prices. As your plan grows over time, it offsets inflation and should provide adequate funds for the future costs of the funeral.

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