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Life Insurance Information

Applying for insurance proceeds may seem like an overwhelming task.  When divided into these few steps, insurance claims are far less complex. If you have questions or hesitations about how to make a claim, please contact us by email or call our office. 

The first step is to contact the insurance company. We have listed websites and phone numbers to several companies below for your convenience.

When you speak with the insurance company, request a claim form.  It is common practice for the company to ask you several questions about the insured as well as the beneficiary before sending the claim form.

Once you receive the claim form, read it thoroughly and complete pages suited to your claim. Some pages included may set up an annuity settlement, some pages may be required if the policy was less than two years old.

The instructions will indicate what needs to be returned with the claim.  For example, the original policy, a certified copy of the death certificate, and the claim form signed by a notary may be required.  The funeral home staff can notarize any documents to assist you at no charge.

Lastly, gather all the required documentation and mail one package via US Postal Service Certified, Return Receipt. This delivery option give you the piece of mind that your claim packet was delivered and signed for by a company representative.